Pause and Reflect March 2015

I’m learning more about how relationships, finances and faith intertwine. As Christians, sometimes we tend to ramp up our faith when our finances become a challenge. But our faith should always be the driving force in everything we do. “Whatever does not proceed from faith is sin.” Romans 14:23b ESV

Training and Coaching

I hope to be using my training to help others with broken relationships with God, self, or others which are a source of many problems including finances. When traveling throughout Middle Tennessee last year, the number of small rural congregations with hard working bi-vocational pastors touched me and challenged me. I’d like to share with the people in these churches how faith, finances and relationships relate. I’d like to be a resource and encouragement to these pastors. Training as a facilitator for Faith and Finances started March 9th and will continue until the middle of April. Coaching skills training is ongoing.

Priscilla is going to Israel

So, why is Priscilla going to a dangerous part of the world for 10 days? To encourage brothers in sisters who live there all the time. This is a real step of faith for Priscilla.

“I made a new friend at Bible study. She talked about wanting to go to Israel after she had participated in a Beth Moore study. She wanted her husband to go. But due to work responsibilities he could not go. Then a trip to Israel on July 1st – 11th, 2015 was announced. The team will visit wonderful Bible sites all over Israel to see biblical history, and serve at the same time. Lee suggested that I pray about going and attend the informational meeting.

I will be staying at Baptist Village and helping prepare meals. Also going is the lady from my Bible study group, whose husband could not go. I would like to see the places where Jesus lived. “

Will you consider praying for Priscilla and the team? And if you are able to help financially, your generosity is appreciated. The cost of the trip is $2600. My desire is for Priscilla to have a spiritually rewarding and productive trip. We’ve enclosed an envelope if you can help with this special opportunity. (Please make check payable to Brentwood Baptist Church).

Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for your faithful support. God has blessed us in big and little ways. We are hosting 10 family members for an overnight stay in April. At the local thrift store we were looking for extra towels. The inventory was low but a volunteer (whom we know) told us to stop by her house. She had a bunch of towels she was planning to donate. God recognizes your acts of kindness and generosity, big or small as a demonstration of the love of Christ for others.  Be a blessing to someone today!

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Pause and Reflect February 2015

Coming this Spring on April 7th to any Internet accessible devise available to you will be, an online Thrift Store benefiting Mobile Mission Ministry. Check out the GreatDeals4u_ScreenShot

More details will follow later.

Why? How in the world did you get this idea? As early as the 1860’s someone said, “One mans trash is another mans treasure” I have found that some people who do not have extra “cash”, but have extra “stuff” that can be put to kingdom use. We have developed an additional way to support the work we do. Here are some items that were donated since this idea was launched:

  • A set of “new” wheels for a Nissan sold for $300. 100% was donated.
  • Two different families were moving and had me sell furniture, an oil painting, rugs, fixtures, books, computer equipment. They donated 25%. – 50%.
  • Someone else is having me sell a few items and they are donating 10%.
  • Another family had me sell a very nice refrigerator and exercise equipment. They contributed all the proceeds to our ministry.
  • A lady donated a fur coat worth around $600.

This initiative has benefited both the donor and our ministry. Unexpected needs arise all the time. I purchased a bus ticket for someone; a young man struggling needed some groceries; the very nature of “Mobile” Mission Ministry is we do a lot of traveling. Our vehicle has 145,000 miles. I will need additional training in specific areas which will have a cost attached. At some point, I will need a utility trailer for items donated. Proceeds from the store will go a long way to meeting the “unexpected” needs of our ministry.

The Latest

CWJCofMadisonA church gave us some perfectly usable but dirty car seats. Yes, Lee cleaned them and found a home for most of them.

Two individuals accepted Christ at a free mobile dental clinic recently.

And pray as we talk though a difficult situation with a man I’ve been mentoring.

South helps East

We are mobilizing a youth group to repair, clean and paint 5 picnic tables at a church on the East side of Nashville. The Church at Station Hill, a regional campus of Brentwood Baptist has partnered with The Church at Woodbine, a ministry campus of BBC, located in a multi ethnic community, to help them revitalize their ministry.


Pray for Lynn who will graduate from high school this May. His biggest need is to realize the challenges he is facing. He needs a sense of purpose and direction; and motivation to become a productive member of society.

Taxes and God’s Goodness

Reviewing and preparing to file my 2014 taxes, while distasteful, has a silver lining. Last month I reported we were 2% short of our “stated goal”. A week after I mailed the newsletter, we received notification of a generous donation dated for 2014 that put us over our “stated goal”.

God is good. You guys are wonderful prayer and financial partners.


God Bless you,

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