Pause and Reflect February 2016

Our Most Vulnerable

Not everyone has the ability to really take the initiative to make the next steps in their spiritual journey. I’ve been working with a group who rescue young ladies from the sex trafficking industry. These women are down trodden, rejected and have very little self worth. Unchained Movement sponsored an awareness event entitled

“Exposed Tour”, a walk thru type horror house to show the reality of this travesty. Nashville is one of the largest trafficking hubs in our country. I helped with assembling props and sat in a “strip club” in one of the scenes.

Check out this (accurate) local news report about the event:

The Exposed Tour

I Lost My Way

Tom called me late one night. He was in great pain from a medical condition. After some discussion the conversation turned to reading scripture. “I’ve gotten away from that lately”, he confessed. “When I was in prison I read the Bible all the time. It speaks to every need you have.” I encouraged Tom to take back up the habit of reading the Bible everyday.

Our Greatest Hope for 2016

Not always, but I usually do not receive a call from someone I’m mentoring unless there is a problem. How often do we wait to pray? Do we wait only when a problem surfaces? I think God would like for us to check in on a regular basis. “Pray without ceasing”, we are admonished by the apostle Paul. Bible study and prayer are two of the most critical avenues for believers to find, follow, and fear our Lord. Yet we neglect these disciplines. They will draw us closer to Him and make us wiser in the here and now.

Our Greatest Need

Pray for a lady I met at the Dental Unit one day. This single mom of 3 traveled from another town to be helped. She lives in the same city Priscilla and I live in. I invited her to church because she was looking for a place she could bring her family to worship.

At the same Dental event, I met another young lady who was raised by a father who “thought he was Jesus”. This lady found her way to salvation and faith by searching the Word in college and studying the story of Martin Luther. She feels like her father is a hopeless schizophrenic. I tried to encourage her with God’s Word that says, “With God, all things are possible”.  She and her sister need prayer.

 Be Ready

Be ready in season and out of season to give a reason for your faith. We will be ready if we stay in tune with prayer and remain diligent with Bible study.

Your prayers and support mean a lot to us.






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Pause and Reflect January 2016

High expectations!

What do you hope for in 2016?

Jesus said you don’t have because you don’t ask. His brother and believer in the faith, James said that you don’t have because you ask for the wrong reasons. This is one very good reason to read scripture and pray daily. We learn the mind of Christ and we have a better idea how to pray

My greatest hope for 2016 is to see spiritual growth in Tom, Tim, Jonathan, Jeremie, Ronnie, Jim, and Steven. God has blessed all these men with opportunities to mature in their faith.

These men face struggles and challenges which most of us have never known. But they are men whom I invested varying amounts of time over the last several years. My hope is for these men to grow in their desire for God’s Word and looking to Him in daily decisions and choices.

IMG_1409Especially pray for Ronnie who will mostly likely need to move to a new location in the next month or two. Pray that he sees the need to obtain employment. Pray that he will adjust to his new living arrangements.

And pray for Tom who is facing health issues. Pray that his employer will work with Tom as he recovers from surgery. Pray that Tom will not get discouraged.


We are exploring ways to serve a group of young women who are rebuilding their lives coming out of the sex trafficking industry. Yes, here in the heart of the USA.

According to Franklin Graham, Nashville has the largest adult bookstore in the world and has the most “mega churches” in America.

A safe house has been established here in Spring Hill for young women escaping from this cruel and abusive industry. We may be teaching a Faith and Finances curriculum February 4th Pray for this opportunity we are partnering with Unchained Movement.

Pray as we launch another Faith and Finance class. This will be just 2 weeks after serving the community with the Medical Dental Unit. We hope some of these folks will take advantage of this opportunity.

Everything we do is designed to give us the privilege to sharing the Gospel.

The Joy of Family



Priscilla and I had a wonderful time with                                                    family and friends inIMG_1418 Michigan over the holidays. We took our grandkids to a live nativity and to bowling. We had a great time!

Final Thoughts

What expectations do you have for you and your family? What spiritual goals can you work on this year? Remember He (Jesus) is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think….to Him be the glory… (Eph. 3:20-21)

I will be praying for you and your family this year. Please keep us in your prayers. And thank you for your support.

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