Pause and Reflect August 2015

We never had the opportunity to meet Evelyn

We never had the opportunity to meet Evelyn

I've know Mr. Woody for 55 years.

I’ve know Mr. Woody for 55 years.

Both these godly saints have recently passed from here to their eternal home of peace where there is no sorrow. She lived in Florida. He lived in Michigan. Today they are enjoying the presence of our Lord Jesus.

We want to honor Evelyn and Woody for their faithfulness to what God called them to do. Both loved missionaries and the work they did. Their families supported what they believed in. We were the blessed the last several years with their generosity.

Evelyn and Woody are resting in the glow and glory of our heavenly Father. God has more for us to do. This is why He leaves us here. Will you pray for some of the following that I’m working with on a one-on-one basis?

Jeremie has been recently released from prison into a one-year transitional program. Pray he will grow strong to resist the temptations and lure of his old way of life. He is a new believer. His parents are of another religion.

Pray for Lynn. Dairy Queen has hired him recently. Pray for travel logistics. Pray that Lynn will grow emotionally and spiritually.

Pray for Jonathon. He plans to marry his girl friend that is expecting their baby. They are working through a local ministry, Hope Clinic. We are meeting on a regular basis. He and his fiancé would like to get married next year. Pray that Jonathon will grow in his walk with God and that he will be a gracious and loving father and husband.

After weeks of planning, we are launching Faith and Finances; a 12-week course designed to help low-income individuals and families manage their finances. Pray that the six who’ve signed up will remain committed to the end.

This fall I will be continuing efforts in coaching others in problem solving, and finding ways I can help other churches that have a desire to revitalize the work in their communities. In November, Priscilla and I plan to attend a 3-day seminar in Florida focused on church revitalization.

We praise the Lord for the blessings He has shown using the Mobile Dental Unit. Not only have many teeth been fixed, but also lives have been rescued and mended. I don’ work on their teeth. I work on their heart (spiritually speaking). Actually, I share the good news and God does all the work! Pray for our team who will be returning to Roversville, TN in a weekend in September.

God bless you and thank you.

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Pause and Reflect June 2015

Graduation Brings Tears

Lynn Parker graduated last month bringing tears to his homeroom and math teacher. “He is such a precious young man. I’d like to have him in my wedding someday.” Carla declared. Pray for Lynn’s next steps. He needs to find employment and sharpen his independent living skills. He is making great progress but there is room for improvement.

Preparation for Israel in High Gear

Thank you for your help!

Priscilla has received contributions from Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee that has enabled her to reach her goal. God blesses above and beyond our expectations. A group of special friends sent Priscilla a generous check to spend as she needs for expenses and anything related to her trip.

Pray for Priscilla and the team who will be leaving on June 30th and returning on July 11th. Pray for stamina. After a 10-hour flight from New York, they will immediately have an eight-hour day of sightseeing some of the great places in the Holy Land. After a couple of days, the team will travel to Baptist Village where they will cook and serve children from all over the country.

Coaching for Results

Priscilla and I are working with someone who wants to do something about a chronic problem that has affected her emotional and spiritual health. Coaching is different than counseling or mentoring.  Coaching is walking along side someone helping them discover and determine their course of action. The client “owns” the process and the results.

Youth Group Returning for Third Time

This is their third trip to Tennessee. The youth from our home church in Michigan will be at the Church at Woodbine, a regional ministry campus of Brentwood Baptist during the first week of August. They will serve where needed under the leadership of the current interim pastor. Priscilla and I plan to work with this group. Pray we secure host homes for them. The Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home is providing some of the lodging. More is needed. If you live in Tennessee and would like to know more about hosting a guy or girl, please call me. This group has previously served at GraceWorks and the children’s home.

What is on the Horizon?

Last year while exploring needs and opportunities in the Middle Tennessee area for our church, the number of small congregations with bi-vocational pastors who have a desire to “reboot” touched my heart. I want to be able to offer resources and tools to help some of these. Currently, I serve with an associational revitalization team in Nashville.

So, we have registered for a Church Revitalization Conference in Orlando, Florida this November. (We signed up for one in Missouri, but it was cancelled. Florida in November was our only option. Honest.)

Your financial support makes it possible for us to serve where the needs are the greatest.

Thank you and God Bless You!

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