Pause and Reflect November 2015

Be prepared

I had nothing with me! I did not have my Bible or notes with me. Well, I had nothing but God. And, honestly that was all that was needed. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “…always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”.

Sharing Hope

mduWe had been sharing the gospel with those waiting to be served at the Mobile Dental Clinic. It was approaching the end of the scheduled time. Most of our evangelism team had already left. The last two registered. They were introduced to me, but neither of the ladies spoke English. We found an interpreter quickly. I skipped the normal introductory conversation starter and began sharing the gospel and my testimony.

Through the interpreter, I asked if they had ever asked Jesus to come into their life. Neither had done so. Both wanted to. The fruit just fell off the tree. I felt ill prepared, but God knew they were ready and we were willing. Isn’t this the way it should be.

Giving Thanks

November is the month we naturally focus on gratefulness, as we approach Thanksgiving.

(3 generations) Kelly, Priscilla, and Olivia enjoying an unusual swing

(3 generations) Kelly, Priscilla, and Olivia enjoying an unusual swing

(This year, Priscilla and I were blessed to have our son Aaron and his family here for the last few days of October celebrating an early Thanksgiving dinner including football (Michigan holding on to a win with Minnesota in the very last seconds of the game.)

I’d like to briefly describe some of the ministry organizations we’ve worked with. These folks are dedicated to serving the under served. We are blessed to participate.

Hope Clinic for Women is a faith based safe and confidential place…equipping women, men and families to make healthy choices with unplanned pregnancies.

Men of Valor is a ministry of hope, reconciling men to God, their families and society. Their story is best told by founder, Carl Carlson. You can learn his compelling story in a book he wrote, “Beyond the Walls” on Amazon. He passed away exactly one week after the book was finished.

Welcome Home Ministries is a faith based alcohol and drug recovery support ministry.

GraceWorks  helps local churches screen requests for food, monetary help, or clothing; maintains a thrift store and food pantry.

Christian Women Job Corps empowers individuals to break harmful cycles caused by poverty by providing education, mentoring, and resources.

Remember to pray for these and others who serve on the front lines of ministry meeting needs of hurting individuals in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

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Pause and Reflect October 2015

Opportunities to share the love of Jesus seem endless. In Psalm 39, David speaks about the brevity of life. He proclaims, “…Lord…my hope is in You”. We have the privilege to sharing the only real hope available. Time is fleeting. The need is great.

Sharing Their Aching Hearts

I was able to share hope to many who shared their stories of hurt and hopelessness.

A Vietnam veteran, 72-year-old man, shared with me his battle with alcohol.

This rose was crafted using Cedar, Poplar, and Walnut.

This rose was crafted using Cedar, Poplar, and Walnut.

Another man fighting depression began using a skill God had given him. He no longer could build cabinets due to deteriorating health. But he used his hands to craft beautiful objects.

A beautiful family with a two year old who has had 3 brain surgeries and several other major health events in her short life told us of the goodness of God in the middle of hurt and challenges. They were a real inspiration to all of us on this day. They had been making numerous trips from Knoxville to Cincinnati in a dilapidated car. A friend of one of the doctors gave them a late model SUV. “We’ve never owned anything in the 2,000′s” his wife, Misty proclaimed in astonishment!

Bonnie recently left an abusive relationship and cried uncontrollably as several of us prayed and comforted her.

I watched two young ladies, neither who could speak English and both having opposite views of getting to heaven prayed to accept Christ, after hearing a clear presentation. The interpreter was overwhelmed because this was her first time being directly involved in leading someone to Christ.

I shared the gospel with a young man who knew he needed a personal relationship with Christ but shared with me that he would have to end his relationship with a partner of the same sex. Pray for Joel. He was honest and open about his need.

There are many other tragic stories I’ve encountered working with our mobile dental clinic. Pray for the needs of these who come to the clinic with aching teeth and openly share their aching heart with us.

Life is Not Easy

I tried something I had never thought about. I’m mentoring two men who actually live near each other. One is middle age and has learned to navigate the bus system. The other is 19 and has dificulties with everyday exception for someone his age . I introduced them and facilitated the older one helping the younger man. The older gentleman felt good about helping someone. This event modeled to both the power of networking; something both needs to learn, especially the younger man. Pray for these two. They have unique challenges and situations.

Pray for these mentoring relationships I’m involved in an ongoing basis. Pray for these men; Jonathan, soon to be a dad; Tom who lives in Michigan, Ronnie, the young man, Tim, adjusting to life after 37 years in prison,  and Jeremie who has recently been released from prison and is in a one-year transitional program.

Sharing your resources with this ministry allows us to maximize the time God gives us to share Christ and be His hands and feet to hurting people.

Priscilla and I are very grateful for your faithfulness. We pray that God will richly bless you and your family.

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