Pause and Reflect July 2016

A well-known Women’s Basketball coach died recently at the age of 64. I mention her because she was passionate about her craft. She made the best of her relatively short time.

 The Work of Politics and Religion

In our current political environment there is a tremendous amount of passion. But compassion seems non-existent. And, religion is not the answer either. When Jesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered, like sheep without a shepherd.  The Lord is my Shepherd. This gives us all that we need. As we pass through the shadow of death, we have nothing to fear. He comforts us, restores us, and prepares a place for us to live in peace. The political pundits talk about their candidate “staying on message”. Well, fellow believers, we need to stay on the message of the gospel of Christ. This is what I try to do each day.

The Work of Ministry

Tom, Steven, Tim, Ronnie, and Kristy all are battling different issues. When each of these listens to wise counsel from the Word of God, they begin to see victories. When they try to solve things in their own wisdom, they experience consequences. My role is to reflect the love and wisdom of Jesus with a servant’s attitude. My mission is find ways to show them love and concern, and to give them guidance when asked.

Mentoring and Life Coaching is not counseling. I can’t fix problems. Pray for these and others whom I serve. Only God can fix our lives. Religion can’t. And we all know that politics can never fix our real problems.

Finding the right resources for someone in need is one of the other things I do. Brenda called the benevolence line at our church on a week that I was on-call. Her porch needed railing and repairs hopefully before hip surgery. This need fell outside the guidelines for benevolence. But I worked on finding a solution for her. God used a local contractor and two generous individuals to meet this lady’s need. All the pieces were there. I just put the puzzle together.

The Work of Partners

Your prayers and support are a very important part of our ministry to the needy and disadvantaged. Many people do not have the support of family or friends for a variety of reasons. Together, as the family of God we can demonstrate the compassion of Christ.

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Pause and Reflect May 2016

Home Sweet Home!

Most of us have a place to shelter, a roof over our head. For some that I work with, the assumption is not so. God provides but it is our responsibility to accept His provision. For some that I work with, this is very difficult.

Pricilla and I are very grateful for the home God has provided. I recently thought about this when Priscilla’s sister from Oklahoma visited us. She made the outside of our home beautiful with some much needed landscaping. Jesus said that even more important than the outside is what’s going on inside our life. As long as we follow God’s path the inside is blessed day by day.

Sadly, for some I work with, they want to achieve some appearance of outward beauty, but have real struggles following the path God explains in His Word toward a better life in one’s heart.

We want to be an encouragement to those in our path, who are struggling. Some of the struggles for these individuals are part of life. But some are due to decisions they have made contrary to God’s direction for their life. Pray that we are patient and passionate. Pray that we point these folks in the right direction, but restrain from doing the hard and necessary work that they must accept to move forward in their lives.

Your prayers are important. You may not know the names and detailed circumstances. But God knows your heart as you pray for those we work with.

We are working with several who are struggling with dependence on others to meet their needs. What we all need to be reminded is that unless our dependence is on God, all help from others will fall flat. We are working with a couple that have had to file bankruptcy, a man who is short sighted and not choosing a long term path that is available immediately to him, which would be difficult but solve his short term crisis. Not a quick fix (which he is looking for) but a sustained fix. We are also working with a young man who is facing homelessness by May 19th. We are working with others who are on the right path but are facing very difficult challenges.

On a more personal note, pray for Priscilla and I as we travel to Michigan to visit our grandkids, and other family members. We really enjoying visiting Priscilla’s dad, who is 88 and getting along well at home. “You’ve got to keep moving”, he says. What great advise!

The kind of one-on-one work we do is very time intense. This is made possible with your financial commitment. Thank you.

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