Pause and Reflect November 2016

It is amazing to see how God puts a plan together in exactly the right time and in the best way possible to benefit His Kingdom.

God blessed our ministry and multiplied the blessing to Woodland Thrift, a ministry of Set Free Church. Here’s how.

Perfect Timing

woodland-thrift-signGreatDeals4u exists as an online “thrift store” to benefit Mobile Mission Ministry. Several generous donors have given us great items to sell. When sold they donate some, most or all the proceeds to our work. Actually, I’ve not been able to keep up with the massive volume of donations. SO, several months ago I scheduled a 3-day Sale to reduce inventory.

We had everything in place for the Nov 3-5 sale except a venue. With less than a month until the sale, God provided a venue through Set Free Church. They minister to the homeless in their community. They had secured a building to start a thrift store in a very popular area of Nashville. We partnered with Set Free utilizing their building before the grand opening. And we donated the inventory that did not sell. They will open on Saturday Nov 19th, at 10am, sooner than planned because their store is well stocked. The store address is 943 Woodland St., Nashville, TN.

Check out some of the items they’ve displayed on fb: Woodland Thrift

Men in Crisis

Please continue to pray for those I’m working with on a daily basis; men sometimes in a state of one crisis after another. Remember Tim, Steven, Tom, and Ronnie. Pray for Rickey, a young man, 20 is about to become a dad for the first time. Added to this, he was shot in an ambush designed to steal his truck and equipment. Pray Rickey depends on our Lord to manage this trauma.

Family Time

Also, remember Priscilla and I as we travel to visit family in South Carolina for Thanksgiving and in Michigan for Christmas. I hope you have a Thanksgiving full of thankfulness and a Christmas full of hope and peace.

Coming soon

I’ve compiled a personal journal book designed to encourage you in your reading and meditating on God’s Word. “Pause and Reflect; Biblical Selections” will be available on Amazon December 1st. Proceeds will benefit the work of Mobile Mission Ministry.

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Pause and Reflect September 2016

Where is your mission field?

The call came from a man who had spent 36 years in prison. Usually these call are made in a panic over a pending crisis. Not this time! “Lee, I have good news….” At that moment, my mission field was the phone conversation. Where is your mission field? It can change hour by hour.

Is Politics for You?

My good friend Pat, an educator, is a strong believer and served tirelessly through the church for many years. Now, in “retirement” she is working tirelessly in the political arena, working on behalf of candidates who best represent our Christian beliefs. This is her mission field.

What better place to be serving?

What about the Education Arena?

Another educator, Dr. Carol M. Swain, PhD serves on a mission field known as Vanderbilt University. She wrote a book that is very timely in our political storm we are navigating. Titled “Be The People”, a Call to Reclaim America’s Faith & Promise. Her approach to exposing cultural deception is intellectually honest and challenging. I encourage you to pick up a copy. More about Carol can be found at

Where is Your Mission Field?

Where is your mission field? For a believer it is wherever you go. Not only where you go, but also wherever you invest your prayers and finances.

Thank you for sharing in our mission field.


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