What We Do

In 1977 the Southern Baptists’ established Mission Service Corps as part of our efforts to expand the missionary force to reach the world for Christ.

Our personal journey began several years ago. Then on May 18, 2010 the North American Mission Board assigned Lee Harrison to serve the local communities of Nashville and beyond.

Mobile Mission Ministry established a partnership with Mission Service Corps (MSC) of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention and Brentwood Baptist Church. March 20, 2011 I will be commissioned in a celebration ceremony in Florida.

We gained valuable experience previously serving as houseparents from 2004 – 2009. “My responsibility as a house parent was to guide the children in God’s ways.  I set the example for them about God.  I tried to feed them healthy food.  I listened to their problems.”   -Priscilla

Listen to Stephanie, one of our residents, in her own words, “In my first week, I had threatened my house parents, social worker and my family. Two months later I ran away. Fourteen months after coming here, I decided to ask the Lord in my life. I felt so much better about my life. Now, I am a better person thanks to all the people there and all the ones I’ve met along this journey.”

The work was physically and emotionally straining at times, but spiritually rewarding. We weren’t there to fix these problems.  But we offered each one a safe place to live and the opportunity to observe and embrace the Christian worldview.

Now we are self-funded long term local missionaries depending on God’s people for regular financial support and consistent prayer. Listed are some of the ways where we are helping meet the needs of people:

  • Serving a variety of needs, demographics, and cultures
  • Working with disadvantaged children and youth
  • Administrative Support
  • Project organization and coordination
  • Counseling and assisting those living below the poverty level
  • Food Pantry
  • Thrift Store

These are some of the ways God is calling us to broaden our ministry for the poor and disadvantaged. He is calling us to meet the needs of the local community in partnership with Mission Service Corp of the North American Mission Board and our church, Brentwood Baptist. Will you consider partnering with us?