Accepting Christ was only the beginning. At the age of 7, I was baptized along with a gentleman who was 70 years old. From an early age, I was interested in missions. I became involved in the missions and youth programs of our church. I had a couple of testing years, sowing some “wild oats” as a young adult.  God was merciful and led me into a consistent walk of faith, which means more to me than any worldly pleasures.

Later, my interest grew into participation in ministry work inside and outside my church.  I met my wife, Priscilla when we became involved in helping start a new church. Though a mutual friend orchestrated this, God worked in mysterious ways. Priscilla and I worked well together. Then we began to date and got married in less than one year. That was over 30 years ago.

One of the most significant spiritual markers in my life, after salvation and marrying my wife, Priscilla, was a trip to the Holy Land after I graduated from high school. My parents offered to pay for half of the trip.  I worked many hours at McDonald’s to save for the other half. The reality of the Gospel came alive for me in a way that I will never forget.

God blessed me with a successful career, working 32 years at the same company.  During this time Priscilla and I served others and supported many mission projects and causes.  As our two sons were entering adulthood, we believed God was changing our direction. There was more for which God wanted us to do than be successful in business and giving and serving in missions as a volunteer.

After visiting a children’s home on a youth mission trip, I suggested to Priscilla that we become house parents.  After prayer and waiting, God led us to the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home.  We served for five years.  One of our greatest joys had been to love, guide, and influence these children and youth, many who had been abandoned. We are still in contact with several of them.

Again, God has changed our direction. He has shown us the great needs where we live and has led us to serve through Mission Service Corps.  We are trusting God for Ministry Partners who share our concerns for the needy and disadvantaged.