Pause and Reflect – A Mother’s Day Tribute

Note: my good friend posted this on Facebook recently. So many lessons in so few words.

IMG_3694It never ceases to amaze me how church has become a “happy gathering place.” Not everyone is happy. People are hurting. You can slide in and slip out without anyone caring to notice the pain in your eyes. Yet God is there and your soul that is longing to know Him is able to find truth even in a sea of people and programs. Even still, in the midst of coffee, worship, trending sermons and service kiosks we search to please God. To please God is to obey and to obey is sacrifice. To sacrifice is to roll up your sleeves and get you hands dirty, to love and serve with a heart forgiven by an Almighty God.

Version 2I think of my grandmother who was rejected for being an alcoholic. She wasn’t ever going to go to church. She once wrote a note that said ” if there is a God where can I find Him in this abyss?”  This note was a heart cry of desperation from a life stained with guilt and regret.

Version 3My Mom was the only one who cared for her. My mom came to Jesus because someone rolled up there sleeves, faced the awkward and sacrificed to go to her. It was tough, but my Mom accepted Jesus as a result of this sacrifice and then told my grandma about Jesus. My Grandma was later saved by Jesus from the “abyss”. That truth of salvation was later shared with me and then to Bob and now my kids.

The church doesn’t need anymore coffee bars.
The church needs to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken. That’s not a happy place, that’s a tear stained pursuit of joy that can only come from the Lord.

Footnote: “Give her the reward of her labor…” Proverbs 31:31

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