Pause and Reflect August 2017

God watches over the path of the godly…(Psalm 1:6).

You and I are blessed to watch God at work when we stay on His path. Priscilla and I spent the day with Lori recently. Her story is one of redemption and healing; a story how God uses different people in different settings at different times for the same purpose.

In her words…

I can remember watching my dad stick a needle in his neck and naked adults all around the house. I was 3. Through age 7, I was exposed to this life style and abused many times. I prayed to God for this to stop. The state took me away from my mom and placed me in foster care. Then at 13, my mom petitioned the court and gained custody of me. She lived in Brentwood at the time and was a successful businesswoman, but a drug addict, as well.

Version 3Beginning my first night home, mom prostituted me with a steady stream of men. This continued until I was kicked out of the house around age 17. For the next 13 years I was trafficked in the sex industry until a serious car accident made me no longer marketable. I turned to God who freed me from the chains of alcohol. I began cleaning houses for a living. This is where a lady from Brentwood Baptist prayed with me to receive Jesus into my life.

For the last 10 years, I have been healing, struggling and growing in my walk with Jesus. Just recently, a Brentwood Baptist member donated a vehicle to the church to be given to someone in need. A member of the benevolence team offered me the car. I cried. God blessed me with reliable transportation for me and my two kiddo’s. –Lori

Our small roll…

We were in the unique position of identifying a worthy recipient and facilitating the transfer of this vehicle to Lori. Every one of you is uniquely positioned to serve others in the name of Jesus. Priscilla and I thank you for the part you have in our ministry

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