Pause and Reflect May 2017

A Sunday Drive

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon to take a nice long drive. We did because there was purpose. A young man was stranded in a city he didn’t live in. We picked him up and later took him to his home, but not until we took him to hear  David Ring, an evangelist who did not let physical limitations restrict his service to our Lord. You see, he was born dead only to be revived 18 minutes later. Struggling with cerebral palsy all his life, David has preached in more than 7,000 churches over the last 44 years, with the message of the cross. I wanted my friend to hear him. The Sunday drive totaled 400 miles but worth it all.

A Trip Around the World

IMG_3692This trip was nothing compared to the sacrifice that a group of individuals made to travel to Nashville for a conference on orphan care. Several of our church families hosted 14 people from nations around the world. Priscilla and I kept a young man from Congo. The others were from India, Moldova, Latvia, Switzerland, Latin America, and South Africa. They came to learn how to better serve orphans in their country. Our guest, Colin has a dream of starting an orphanage. The dis-guarded street children live along the highways. He has an ambitious dream. drc+street+kidsChronic political turmoil has deterred many organizations from working in Democratic Republic of Congo. I played a small but fun role of transporting them to and from the conference in a van.

I Am Blessed…are you

The theme of David’s messages and the heartbeat of these servants from around the world was the same; I am blessed.

As well, Priscilla and I are blessed by your prayers and financial support.

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

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