Past Pause and Reflect September 2013

Posted on September 13, 2013 

There are lessons to learn after losing something important. The hard drive in my computer died! “Was your stuff backed up?” one might wisely ask. “Yes, a year ago, I embarrassingly answer.  I immediately signed up for a $50 per year program that automatically backups all my files on a continuous basis.

I learned other lessons to be shared at a later time. There is always hope when mistakes are made. And there is hope even when relationships are broken.

Lost but Not Forgotten

Vittorio made many poor choices in his life. His relationships with family were lost but not forgotten. Currently serving time in prison, he has had plenty of time to reflect on his life. He has asked Christ to come into his life. He began to rebuild on a biblical foundation. Pray for Vittorio to stay on the path he is on. He has reconnected with his daughter and son. He is struggling to sever all previous relationships that were a bad influence for him. He is working to build new relationships. This is where I have come into his life. I visit Vittorio every Thursday. He may be released soon to a half way house. Are we still going to be friends, he asked me? Of course we are. Watching him grow in his faith should be an encouragement to all of us. There is always hope.

Slow but Sure

Our project plans to improve the facilities at Copper Basin Crisis Center in Ducktown, TN are not moving as fast as I would like. There are reasons, but I’ll not turn them into excuses. Pray that we will be patient but persistent to move this initiative along. I will be assuming more responsibility as we move forward.